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hey blogger, my name is aiera.. noty , crazy with fashion ??it was me. i like to spend time with play guitar , travel with my family , shopping , and hang with my friends .fully taken by someone that special to me since first i love him until now ♥EPUL♥ . wo ai ni,wo yau ni,wo hen xiang ni wo de wang zhi.if you(any blogger) dunt like my blog ? Hen wo ma? Liang ci wo hen ni !!ouh !!so simple. .ni chow aa chi sing !Buyao wangjì qianwan buyao shìtu mofang wo de xiangfa.. Ba ta feng le !!!

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16 July, 2011


yesterday with date 17 july 11 ..i misscall him ..adn he ask me to call him back ..
yaa ..i call cosz i miss him much ..suddenly he tellin' me about with who his chat ..firstly , i'm not care about ..cosz he told that they chat just wanna tell about his friend ..ok ..i accept it ..tak kisah klau kite nk kwan ngn siapa2 kan ;)
then,i onlining his sosial website and i sew that they chat with nicely word ..when i searchin' like wht he told me ..there's no word about his friend ..yess !and i'm too jealous ..cosz if me wanna reply-ing other boy's cht ..i think twice of it cosz i'm scared if u get mad on me ..yess !!yesterday i'm really mad of it ..sad cosz i not found about ur friend's name ..if you wanna know why i be like that yesterday ..it is about this ..about you say tht you get fever , 3 o'clock , suborn ...hmmm~
you ask me yestrday why bfore this i'm not being like tht and why now i change ?
because i dont wanna what happen from the past would happen back to me now ..i'm scared dear ..i'm scared ..
i frightened of that wht happen to long ago will same ..
i just wanna say that I LOVE YOU ~
and i dont wanna you LEAVE ME ~
now i'm be cool again ..and you dont think about yesterday ..let it go from your mind ..
its ok ..i'm ok now ..cosz today i just saw that word ..thengs cosz you lend ur ear to hear what i say and sorry make youu angred ysterday ..
there is nothin' wrong if you wanna chat with her bie ..but beware from her cosz i see that her attitude like a ITCHY GIRL ....


pejam celik-pejam celik ..haryy semakin cepat , masa semakin laju ..
agy bpea minggu nak bulan 8 da ..
da laa puasa ..busy ngn projek psang monitor and cpu ..huh~
study lagy subject2 penting ..terleka nty bufday sdri pown mybe x ingat ..haha :DD
but i wish orang yg terdekat x lupa jugak tentang ituu ..
ingat pown suda bermakna ...huhuhuu~
next friday(22.07.2011)akuw x dea ..gy camping ..waa~
3 hary berturut2 laa aku x online ..hehee ;)
but klorw gy msty rinduu bebel-an cik norma and si kecik epul ..hahaha :DD
and what i dreamin' is people that i love ..their love me too ..haha :DD
and daa ..what goin' to tell is i want my missin' tweety back ..(!)


music . sound . cool !