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hey blogger, my name is aiera.. noty , crazy with fashion ??it was me. i like to spend time with play guitar , travel with my family , shopping , and hang with my friends .fully taken by someone that special to me since first i love him until now ♥EPUL♥ . wo ai ni,wo yau ni,wo hen xiang ni wo de wang zhi.if you(any blogger) dunt like my blog ? Hen wo ma? Liang ci wo hen ni !!ouh !!so simple. .ni chow aa chi sing !Buyao wangjì qianwan buyao shìtu mofang wo de xiangfa.. Ba ta feng le !!!

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15 July, 2011


today what i wanna sharing with you is ..
forget about the past that full of sucks situation ..
if your in a bad situation what would you do with yourself ?
did you punish yourself ?
did you blame yourself or other people ??
did you do like that ??
huh ..first i wanna tell ..i ever think like that ..next and next day ..i ask in my mind ..
why i so dumb to think about people that who doesnt love and like me ..
it make me soooooo stupid ...
and beside that , i intend to FORGET about the past ..
and start a new life ..a new love ..a new story ...
about love ?
when i read newspaper watchin news on tv ..
many people wanna kill themself because of a broken heart ..
huh ..i ever think about that .. i doesnt want do like that because ..
i trust that my first strange man can make me happy and the man that i mean is SAIFULSHARIZALSHAM ..
many painful days that we have to face ..but our love make us know to finish up misunderstanding between me and him ...i trust him , his trust me ..and make positive thinking not negative ..
thats the way make me feel free with my past tht full of suck .. ;)


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