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hey blogger, my name is aiera.. noty , crazy with fashion ??it was me. i like to spend time with play guitar , travel with my family , shopping , and hang with my friends .fully taken by someone that special to me since first i love him until now ♥EPUL♥ . wo ai ni,wo yau ni,wo hen xiang ni wo de wang zhi.if you(any blogger) dunt like my blog ? Hen wo ma? Liang ci wo hen ni !!ouh !!so simple. .ni chow aa chi sing !Buyao wangjì qianwan buyao shìtu mofang wo de xiangfa.. Ba ta feng le !!!

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24 June, 2011


why those people should move to a new place ??
why must youu leave me and move awayy bie :'(
it's so hard for me to accept that bad news ..initially , i thought i can accept ..
but honestly i can't ..dear i'm gonna miss you when you not in my side ...
i'm gonna worried what you do without me ..
did you forget about me , did you doesn't care about me anymore ??
i'm scared that you going to do what i expect bie .. :(
iloveyousomuchSAIFULSHARIZAL,capangmcuk ,bontot gajah , ufo sayang<3<3
what i wanna say is I'M BEGGING YOU please don't go !!

(tapi apa harus aku lakukan kene ikut kemahuan family awak ..hmm)

I'M GONNA CRY NOW !!!!!!!!!!



music . sound . cool !