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hey blogger, my name is aiera.. noty , crazy with fashion ??it was me. i like to spend time with play guitar , travel with my family , shopping , and hang with my friends .fully taken by someone that special to me since first i love him until now ♥EPUL♥ . wo ai ni,wo yau ni,wo hen xiang ni wo de wang zhi.if you(any blogger) dunt like my blog ? Hen wo ma? Liang ci wo hen ni !!ouh !!so simple. .ni chow aa chi sing !Buyao wangjì qianwan buyao shìtu mofang wo de xiangfa.. Ba ta feng le !!!

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14 August, 2010

sygss. .sygss !!

keychain trshayunkss
last puase aq dpayd mnderw nyh. .tyme ny laa jgk cik abg itu ma0o balik kmpowng. .
so he give it to me. .to take care of it. .yg biru itu die nyer. .white??thats mine. .tuu yg biru nyh cham nangesh jerr. .ciann deyh. .hahah3:)aq nyerw cweet jerr. .cnyum lgik. .tpy nyh laa pling kechik yg die bgy at aq. .hahah
His beloved watch
i stole it from him..he gave me to take care of it..so i not gave it back to him..hahah..joke..joke..sbnarnya suda bagi blik..tp die bgi ilang plk..terok btol !!huhu
he gave it to me..time puasa thun lepas..ny hadiah pertame die bg kat aq..gyle shukew time nyh..
special diamond
dia bg ini cbb aq mintak kat die..but i main2 jer..last2 betul2 die bagi..ape lagi amik jerr la..sygss glaxx sma ini benda.huhu^^


00:00 sharp time.him call and sing a bday song 4 me.he the first person that wishing me.so sweet that time.at the morning.i went to school but i see at my phone two text inbox..my bloved cousin(nad n also wan)both of them wish my bday..
when i arrived at school my friends wany,eyka,aena and all that i not told their name sing a bday song 4 me..i very appriciate of that..third,when i arrived in my class all my classmate also sing a bday song 4 me..i very happy in that time..i nver get like that..
fourth,i otw to electical class..tasya's boyfie n peyjal alsooo sing 4 me..haa !i really2 tired of that..asyik denga dorg nyanyi jerr..x brhenti2 nynyi..but i like it..
fifth,my best2friend n also ijam's future cousin..meeya..dia ganas gile ade ke ptot die blasah aq..x ptot..x ptot..but no matter how she still my bff..
sixth,i otw back home..i received one text msg..i see that his sister text me that wanna wish me happy bday..and his mom also wish me..and another text that arissa send to me..she also wish me n wanna give me a prsnt ?
seventh,my mom and dad bought me a cake..icecream's cake..it so sweet n delicious..not forget cik ijam wanna bought me a speacial prsnt..i can't wait to see it..
my bday 4 this year sgat bermakne ..it so cool n fantastic(ceyh)hahah:D


music . sound . cool !